Feb 2022 | Creation of ESCROW DAO

Permission-less DAO for ESCROW Token holders. • Treasury - Able to view the treasury wallet and activities relating to the transfer of DAO monies (ESCROW & Funds) • Proposals/ Voting - View current proposals, create proposals, view past proposals and of course vote on on-going decisions. • Members - View members of the DAO and their involvement statistics. • Message Board - view updates from Escrow Protocol, Community Chat and voting discussions.

Feb 2022 | Deploying ESCROW Contract

New Token Creation

Q1 2022 | Staking Contracts

3 Term Staking Contracts and Staking Dash

Q1 2022 | First Project Running for Fundraiser

Escrow Community will get first investment opportunity in www.locker-token.com with milestone based funding release from ESCROW DAO to the project.

Q1/2 2022 | DEX Listing

May require DAO Community fundraiser for liquidity raise. Re-launch at to be disclosed price.

Q2 2022 | CEX Listing

Will require DAO Community fundraiser for liquidity raise. Community votes on CEX Application. Funds can be raised internally by selling ESCROW Tokens via private sale, controlled by the DAO.