Join Escrow Protocol on Publish0x and Medium to be rewarded

Thank you for joining us on our blog today.

As we move towards our Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) we are continuing to grow the team, our marketing efforts and the technology behind the platform itself.

We want you, our audience, to be rewarded for sticking with us, so beyond airdrops and sales we’re beginning a media strategy that will look like this:

EscrowProtocol.App Blog – will be used for sharing Press and positive coverage from the media

Our Medium channel will publish posts that have a wider audience appeal and will include technical elements and what it is like to become a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) with opportunities for our audience to provide input and feedback on the roadmap and more

Our new Publish0x blog shown above is part of our drive to become a true part of the decentralised cryptocurrency community, and joining us there will reward you with free crypto for your engagement (currently AMPL and FARM tokens are integrated). We want to write and participate in the community there to have fun, enjoy ourselves, run competitions and more. We hope you’ll consider joining us on each of our channels.

This is all before we start launching our high-quality thought leadership and educational resources, so we’re fully committed to this industry and the people within it. Thanks again for joining us on our journey.